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Aquatic Therapy

Jil Johnson

Jil Johnson, physical therapist

Aquatic exercises in our warm-water therapy pool are an ideal complement to many land-based physical therapy programs.

You will need a doctor's referral to work with our physical therapists in the pool and an evaluation to ensure it is the right environment for you. You will be then set-up with a series of one-on-one appointments to instruct you in a program of exercises that you will be able to continue independently.

A combination of a comforting yet challenging environment makes water-based physical therapy inviting and effective for many people. Aquatic physical therapy can help you improve or maintain:

  • aerobic capacity and endurance conditioning
  • balance, coordination, and agility
  • body mechanics and posture stabilization
  • flexibility
  • gait and locomotion
  • muscle strength, power, and endurance
  • relaxation

Aquatic therapy may be used after surgery, for orthopedic disorders, or sports rehabilitation, arthritis, balance disorders, back pain, or chronic pain.

"Warm water can help reduce pain and increase circulation to the extremities. All of these elements have different physiological effects on the body — different properties to help with different impairments.” says Jil Johnson, a physical therapist in Rehabilitation Services.

At Montage Wellness Center, the therapy pool is set at 92 degrees and the lap pool ranges from 79 to 82 degrees.

“Our goal with patients is to get them comfortable in the water." says Johnson. "Once they feel the benefits of warm water, they tend to overcome any fear or self-consciousness and start to enjoy the healing process.”

Aquatics Program

Jil Johnson, physical therapist, performs exercises in the warm water therapy pool.

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Information about water-based physical therapy is available by calling Rehabilitation Services at (831) 883-5640.

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