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Neurophysiologic testing entails assessing the function of the peripheral nervous systems and the muscles, using nerve conduction velocity tests and electromyography. The scope of the practice is to provide test results that enable doctors to determine if nerves or muscles are the culprit of a patient's troubles.

Alain ClaudelAlain Claudel, physical therapist and

Neurophysiologic testing is also part of the broader neurological rehabilitation. "Neurological rehab comes into play when somebody suffers a stroke or among patients with MS (multiple sclerosis) or ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)," says Alain Claudel, physical therapist. "In these cases, we get all three of our disciplines involved: our speech therapists to deal with articulation; our occupational therapists to look at functions, especially the hands; and our physical therapists to work on balance, strengthening, and retraining motor functions. We work well together."

Therapists at Community Hospital have extensive experience in guiding patients - and their families - during the recovery from an accident involving the nervous system. Community Hospital provides patients with motor control activities, splinting, and balance training.


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