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Vestibular Treatment

Have you experienced waking up in the morning, sitting up in bed, and suddenly the room is spinning? Or perhaps you have noticed that you are stumbling when walking, or dizzy when you get up from a chair?

When someone experiences dizziness or vertigo, the source of the problem is often the inner ear or the vestibular system. Crystals that develop in the inner ear can cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. It can be treated by relocating the displaced crystals in the inner ear, and usually, it can be treated and resolved in only a few treatments.

Specially trained, experienced physical therapists also work with patients experiencing general balance problems. These patients feel unsteady and off-balance as if they are the ones spinning, not the room. We investigate their history, assess their muscles and joints to determine the source of the problem. State-of-the-art advanced evaluation equipment is used to help pinpoint the cause of the problem.


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