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Worksite Wellness

worksite wellness

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula recognizes that controlling rapidly rising healthcare costs is a challenge faced by all employers --- and their employees. As a local healthcare provider, we are in a unique position to collaborate with employers to help keep down costs and to help employees improve their health to live life to its fullest. Our Worksite Wellness program can help.

What is Worksite Wellness?

Creating a healthy workplace

Creating a healthy workforce begins with the culture and a commitment from leadership. Community Hospital partners with several employers to deliver impactful wellness programs. Studies have shown that wellness programs offered at the work site can have a positive impact on employee issues such as morale, turnover, absenteeism, and workers' compensation claims. Employers that participate in this program may experience a reduction in healthcare insurance claims and utilization.

Wellness tools for your business

Workforce Health Profile

A "health snapshot" of the workforce that helps employers:

  • Compare the health of your workforce to others in the market
  • Identify the specific health risks present in your workforce and address these risks before they generate significant claims
  • Map trends over time of the improvements in the health of your workforce

On-site screening services

We can come to you to provide on-site health screening services for your employees.

Learn more about on-site screening services

Prevention and health education

Community Hospital can provide wellness programs and services. Services include but are not limited to: on-site screenings, body fat measurements, and health education seminars targeted to the specific health needs of your workforce.

Find out more about prevention and health education

Online health portal

online health portal

The online health portal is customizable and provides access to the following wellness tools for your business:

  • Online health surveys
  • Branded personal health assessments/reports (HRA)
  • Health scores
  • Workforce cost and savings modeling
  • Trends in overall workforce health
  • Customized eligibility, rewards, and incentive management
  • Assessment scheduling
  • Aggregate reports and modeling
  • Participation details
  • Eligibility file management

Custom wellness incentive management

Incentive programs can be accessed through the portal, allowing employees to track their progress toward a specific health goal, such as weight loss.

Wellness tools for your employees

The customizable online health portal provides access to the following wellness tools for your employees.

Personal health report

A customized health-risk assessment designed to inform employees of their personal health risks and detail how they can achieve better health through specific lifestyle changes. The report is generated from within the online health portal and can be printed or sent to employees via email.

Learn more about the personal health report

Personal health score

A health score is generated for each participant who completes the Personal Health Profile and biometric screening. Data is stored so health improvements can be tracked over time. While not a health diagnosis, the default health score provides an overall context for comparison within the workforce, market, and national averages.

View a sample personal health score

Learning series

Self-study programs designed to educate, inform, and inspire behavioral change including educational videos and quizzes.

See E-learning series topics

Health resources

An employee can access new articles each time they access the portal that is relevant to their specific health issues.

View a sample of the health articles

Resources to download

Daily fitness tracking worksheet

Walking log

Contact us

For more information, please email our corporate relations specialist Gene Fischer or call (831) 658-3983.

Personal Health Score


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