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Understanding the loss of someone close and getting beyond the trauma and grief is very difficult for anyone, including children. Children generally grieve differently than adults do. Research shows it takes just one caring adult to make a difference in a child’s coping. Griefbusters works to understand what is influencing each individual’s experience, so they can respond in the most effective way.  

Griefbusters is a program committed to providing support to children and teens ages 4-18 who are experiencing loss or who may be experiencing anticipatory grief for someone with a serious illness. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for children and teens to process thoughts, feelings, and emotions related to grief, and to build healthy coping skills to deal with loss. Griefbusters is offered by Community Hospital’s Hospice of the Central Coast volunteers and is free to residents of Monterey and San Benito counties.

We work with young people individually and in groups, and are also available to meet with families and school staff. Upon request, we conduct presentations about grief and loss.

Grief Support

Scenarios Griefbusters volunteers may help with include:

  • Death of family member
  • Death of classmate or friend
  • Terminal illness of family member or friend
  • National and community tragedies such shootings, natural disaster, or war


Hospice Support Services (831) 622-2746

Griefbusters Coordinator: Samantha Tatum (831) 649-7758

Westland House

Hospice of the Central Coast

Become a Griefbuster volunteer

Individual Griefbuster support


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Aspire Health Plan

Montage Wellness Center

Central Coast Health Connect

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