Mike was walking to school one rainy morning when a car skidded out of control and hit him. Mike, Griefbusters

Two weeks later, Mike, 13, died from his injuries. His classmates and friends are shocked and confused. How could this happen to their friend? Could it happen to them?

Sue, Griefbusters 

Sue is a senior in high school.

Her mother is dying of cancer. Sue is becoming a loner, and her grades are dropping.

Understanding the loss of someone close and getting beyond the trauma and grief is very difficult for anyone - especially young people. Griefbusters can help.

Hospice of the Central Coast's nationally award-winning program gently guides young people and their families through the grieving process. We work with young people individually and in groups and are also available to meet with families and school staff.  Upon request, we conduct presentations about grief and loss.

Our Griefbusters staff members are highly trained, skilled volunteers, not licensed therapists. We'll listen patiently, offer compassionate support, and answer your questions - in a confidential setting, free of charge.


Eva Sandoval at 831-649-7758.


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