Heart surgery program posts impressive results 

In February 2007, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and Pacific Coast Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons (PCCVS) launched the Tyler Heart Institute cardiac surgery program. The partnership was forged in a common commitment to quality patient care and public transparency of our clinical outcomes.

Mortality vs. National

The graph below, Mortality vs. National Rate, highlights that our mortality rates are much lower than predicted by national standards in all major categories of operations.

Mortality vs. National 

Types of Open Heart Surgery vs. National

Open-heart surgery may be required to correct one of a number of problems with the heart, such as bypassing clogged blood vessels or repairing leaky valves that separate different sections of the heart.

In keeping with PCCVS's experience, Community Hospital 's program performed a much higher percentage of valve and other surgeries (i.e. combined procedures of coronary artery bypass and valve procedures or multiple valve procedures).

Types of Open Heart Surgery vs. National 

Length of Stay vs. National

Length of Stay vs. National Rate displays the average length of stay for each of the types of open-heart surgeries performed at Community Hospital .

 Length of stay vs. National

The number of heart procedures continue to steadily grow (See Open Heart Patients). This is a testament to the confidence in our program from the local medical community and Monterey Peninsula residents (see Areas of Residence). 

Open Heart Patients

Open Heart Patients 

Areas of Residence

 Area of Residence

* Out of state 2%


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Updated February 2011 using data through October 2010.