Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

When you think of a great hospital, what comes to mind? Knowledgeable

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 and friendly doctors and staff? An acute focus on safety? Comfortable surroundings? Being seen promptly? Access to the latest technology?

At Community Hospital, we believe that all of these factors are important to the quality of your care. Our Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology department's services are intertwined with almost every hospital service, from orthopedics to cardiology to cancer, and the level of care you receive during radiology tests and procedures is a reflection of what you can expect of your entire experience at Community Hospital.

If radiation is part of your cancer treatment, we offer radiation therapy orientation for you and your family. Please come and tour the department, meet the staff, and get your questions answered before treatment starts. Knowing what to expect can really make a difference.

Cutting-edge technology

At Community Hospital, we are always working to bring the most advanced care to our community. Our Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology department offers some of the most advanced technology you will find anywhere.

Competent, caring staff

Whether you are coming to Community Hospital for a regular screening or to have a problem diagnosed or treated, our staff will make you feel comfortable and cared for during your visit. A procedure at one of our imaging locations could potentially be the first step to more visits to Community Hospital, and it is important that you know you are in good hands from the first time you come through our doors, whether it is at the hospital or one of our satellite locations.

Focus on safety

We know you are concerned about safety when it comes to the use of radiation in imaging — and so are we. Our team of board-certified radiologists and expertly trained technologists is committed to using the lowest dose of radiation possible to acquire images. Community Hospital takes part in the American College of Radiology’s Image Gently™ and Image Wisely campaigns, for children and adults, respectively. The campaigns raise awareness of opportunities to eliminate unnecessary imaging examinations and to lower radiation in necessary imaging examinations to only that needed to acquire appropriate images. Learn more about our safety efforts and questions you can ask to ensure that your imaging studies are being done as safely as possible.

Diagnostic Services

We offer a wide variety of services within each of the following types of imaging:

    Don't underestimate the importance of regular screenings. Early detection is the single most important factor in our ability to treat a serious condition. Learn more about recommended screenings by age.

    Interventional Radiology

    This specialized area of radiology utilizes imaging in combination with minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and/or treat a variety of conditions. Learn more about interventional radiology at Community Hospital.

    Comfortable, convenient locations

    We are proud to provide the most advanced imaging services in several locations on the Peninsula, making it as easy and stress free as possible to complete your exam. 

    We have four locations to serve you

    Community Imaging Center

    Ryan Ranch Outpatient Campus
    2 Upper Ragsdale Drive, Suite D100
    Monterey, CA 93940

    831-649-7700 Main
    831-649-7231 Scheduling

    Hartnell Professional Center

    576 Hartnell Street
    Monterey, CA 93940 

    831-658-3070 Main
    831-649-7231 Scheduling

    Community Hospital

    Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Services
    23625 Holman Highway
    Monterey, CA 93940

    831-625-4830 Main
    831-649-7231 Scheduling

    Breast Care Center

    1035 Cass Street
    Monterey, CA

    831-622-2760 Main
    831-649-7233 Scheduling



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