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  • Anti-inflammatory Foods

    Understand what inflammation is, how it is at the forefront of many chronic diseases, and how harmony in your nutrition may improve or prevent inflammation.

  • Hidden Facts About Sugar

    Define sugar and its hidden effects on health, find healthier alternatives, learn how to read labels to determine natural sugars, added sugars, & “fake” sugar.

  • Preventing Diabetes

    This class is for people at risk for developing pre-diabetes or diabetes, and people who just want to learn more about diabetes.

  • Preventing High Cholesterol

    Learn how diet can affect blood lipid levels and get tips to improve your cholesterol levels.

  • Probiotics and Your Digestive Health

    Learn what probiotics are and how they may benefit our health, from digestion to improved immunity.

  • Recipe Makeovers: How to Lighten Up Your Meals

    Learn the health benefits of changing recipes and explore healthier options for your favorite meals.

  • Sports Nutrition 101-Fueling the Athlete Within Us

    Identify nutritional needs for athletes, learn proven strategies for optimal performance, and understand how sports nutrition plays vital role in training.

  • Weight Management: What is PROVEN to work?

    Get basic, usable tools to improve health and manage weight permanently. Strategies for weight loss and management taught in this class are adopted from scientific research that has been PROVEN to work.

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