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  • Healing Art Retreat

    Various art media will be explored to promote well-being, from painting your pain to finding a healing sanctuary.

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

    An eight-week course for those experiencing stress or coping with a chronic condition. Training includes meditation, gentle movement, and group support.

  • Recent Loss? Tools for the Newly Bereaved

    Come to receive practical tools for coping, suggestions for self-care and information on CHOMP/community resources available for further support and to share your experiences.

  • Tai Chi for All Levels - Salinas

    Experience how the gentle, slow movements of Tai Chi can strengthen your arms and legs, improve balance and flexibility, prevent falls, and help manage stress.

  • When Parenting Persists: Caring for Your Adult Children 18+

    Parents have the opportunity to discuss their unique experiences with their older children, receive support from others in similar situations, and gain skills and resources.

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