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  • After-Weight Loss Surgery: “Back On Track”

    Join others who have had weight-loss surgery to share information about how to reach and maintain weight-loss goals. Led by a registered dietitian.

  • Keto Diet: Is it safe?

    Learn common challenges and potential risks associated with the Keto diet, along with modifying your dietary intake to gain healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Preventing High Cholesterol

    Learn how diet can affect blood lipid levels and get tips to improve your cholesterol levels.

  • Pulmonary Wellness Program

    The Pulmonary Wellness Program can help you manage and improve symptoms, improve your breathing, and increase activity and decrease anxiety.

  • Sustainable Eating

    Learn sustainability practices for food production, protecting the environment, and food security and find dietary practices that last and lead to healthy lifestyle changes

  • Weigh of Life for Women

    This 12-week course is designed for those trying to manage their weight and is based on the most current research related to weight management.

  • WellFit Rx — An Exercise Program for Those with Chronic Disease

    Discover how you can manage health conditions through exercise by receiving evaluation, monitoring, and support.

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