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Healthy living apps

Smartphone apps for healthy living


Big Oven

Big Oven

More than 250,000 recipes, with the ability to add your own. Offers measurement unit conversions, grocery lists, and recipes using ingredients on-hand. Free for iPhone and Android.



More than 30,000 professional recipes from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and Self magazines, chefs, and cookbooks. Free for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.


Diabetes Log

Diabetes Log  

Tracks glucose readings, food intake, and medication records. Free for iPhone and Android.

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy

Log medication, food, and exercise. Online forums for support and information. Sync with computer to view personal nutrition and health graphs. Free for iPhone.

Heart Health

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate

Detects heart rate from pulse in fingertips using smartphone camera lens. View heart rate on a graph; stores one week of data. Free for all smartphones.

Fitness and Weight Loss

My Fitness Pal


One of the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counters for iPhone. With the largest food database of any iPhone calorie counter (more than 3,000,000 foods), and a streamlined food and exercise entry, this will help you take off those extra pounds.

Lose it

Lose It!

Helps you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal. We think it’s one of the best, most seamless weight-loss systems available.




Lose weight, eat REAL food, and track your progress. Fooducate grades your food, explains what's really inside each product, and offers healthier alternatives.



ShopWell helps you eat healthier food and achieve your nutrition goals. Use ShopWell to help manage your weight and conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and Celiac disease. Use the ShopWell barcode scanner at home or in the grocery store to scan foods and find out if they are a good match for your diet. 

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