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Healthy running tips

Stay Hydrated

Woman healthyIt’s a well-known fact that exercise increases an individual’s water needs. When these needs are not met,  dehydration occurs. For the active adult, even mild dehydration (a 2% loss of body weight or 3-pound weight loss for a 160-pound individual) can impair exercise performance.


There are a variety of reasons dehydration may set in during exercise:

  • Inadequate fluid intake
  • Exercising in extreme temperatures regardless of fluid intake
  • Profuse sweating
  • Relying on thirst to stay properly hydrated

Hydration Guidelines

Once thirst sets in during exercise dehydration has already occurred. Active adults are not advised to rely on their thirst mechanism to stay adequately hydrated. Follow the general guidelines at the right to ensure adequate hydration and optimal athletic performance. Keep in mind that sports drinks are recommended only when the exercise duration will be 45 minutes or more. These beverages can be high in calories and should be consumed in moderation.                                            


The rule of thumb for rehydrating is to drink 2-3 cups of water for each one-pound of body weight lost during the exercise session. Urine color can help the active adult assess whether he/she Is properly hydrated. The goal for adequate hydration is clear to pale yellow urine. A vivid yellow or amber color indicates dehydration. Proper hydration before, during, and after exercising sets the stage for optimal sports  performance.

Drink up!

  • 2-3 Hours Prior to Vigorous Exercise
  • 15-20 Minutes Prior to Vigorous Exercise
  • During Vigorous Exercise
  • After Vigorous Exercise


If the Shoe Fits

Understanding the many important and not so-important features of athletic shoes and what your specific needs are remain the key to finding the perfect fit. Settling for a mediocre or poor fitting shoe can lead to injury, discomfort, and ultimately, may stifle your motivation to exercise. Consider the following tips when shopping for your next pair of fitness shoes.

Seek out a reputable athletic shoe store

Ask friends and family members where they would recommend shopping for shoes. Search online for a retailer who specializes in fitting athletic shoes. Keep in mind staff at the local big box store won’t have the expertise and years of experience the personnel at a specialty store can offer when fitting you for the right athletic shoe for your feet and activity.

Match the shoe to the activity

Running shoes aren’t designed to support feet during walking or dancing activities. And walking shoes don’t provide the flexibility needed for running. Purchase the right shoe for the job.

Bring along your socks

For a better fit, be sure to try on shoes wearing the socks you will be wearing when you exercise.

Shop for shoes later in the day

Feet swell as the day progresses. Shop for shoes early in the day and you run the risk of ending up with a shoe that is too small for your foot. Let your current pair of shoes be your guide.

Bring along your shoes so that you and the store personnel can assess the wear pattern to determine what type of features, including cushioning and support, are most important for your feet.

Sizes vary from brand to brand, as well as, from shoe to shoe

Let the fit of the shoe, not the size of the shoe, guide your purchase decision ready to go.

There should be no break-in period required for a good fitting athletic shoe. Try the shoe on in the store and test it by moving around like you would during exercise. Jog, walk, jump, or spin to give it a good test drive.

Comfortable fitting athletic shoes are a must

Your heel should fit snugly in the back of the shoe and not slip when your foot strikes the ground. Be sure there is enough space in the toe box so that you can wiggle all toes when they are laced up.

Retire worn athletic shoes every six months or after 400 miles of use


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